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BUSINESS REPORT – meeting Sean Barron was one of my best stories to tell, ever – PART1

BUSINESS REPORT – meeting Sean Barron was one of my best stories to tell, ever – PART1



Sitting in an uber to Downtown LA for my meeting with RE/DONE owner Sean Barron – I just reviewed my questions for Sean for the interview and thought about our first come together, in Paris, some months before, where I just stopped by to see this new denim “wonder brand” and spoke to a nice relaxed easy guy, that just was lingering around the brand`s display at the showroom. After chit chatting and drinking some herbal water – was so hot at this time – and chewing on some carrots and cucumbers, I just found out I was talking all the time to Mr. Barron himself, jeeezzz… just some seconds ago we had, such a super natural fun conversation about LA life and fashion, sharing a bottle of water and some ideas about future fashion business … and hush it was him – RE/DONE big boss Sean Barron himself.
Back in my uber in LA, I thought how awsome, that he took time to see me and will give me hopefully a short interview about his recently launched best selling baby RE/DONE. By approaching the office, which was in no-where-lalaland (lalalland is my expression for LA), I thought hopefully I am not at the wrong spot, cause I just saw some huge containers.

But I wasn´t. Sean gave me a terrific time, an one hour interview, business insights, a roundwalk through his office and his production (!!! which was next to), he introduced me to his team and by sharing so many RE/DONE insights, he already made me feel, like I am in the middle of working whith him, as a team member. I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to take pictures, to ask questions and to meet some of the people he is working with – it was one of the big fashion moments of these days. Because he took quality time and he took it in a very personal way and was patiently answering my questions. I think the way he is – with these people – like me: fashion influencers – is very natural and very honest. And he is really a big guy in fashion business. I will not roll up his career paths now – just visit dr. google and you will find everything about him. But he has, what I would name: mentor quality. What is really hard to find these days and besides that, he is very clever.

Let´s see some of my pics, I made there and enjoy, what probably nobody out of fashion business did see these days so often:
a full insight at RE/DONE Headquarters with a personal interview from Sean Barron for inkedology




Have a glimpse into back office – the core of RE/DONE – were Sean and his partner have their offices and all the designers and engeneers are working on how to deconstruct the levi´s denims and how to put them togehter again, that they look like your favorite, old pair of used vintage selfedge denim in a unique new must-have original style – that´s were all those great ideas come from and all this creative inspiration and commercial business outcomes are taking place – it´s the very heart of RE/DONE.



Now we are entering the production at RE/DONE. First pic you can see the staff deconstructing the old vintage levi´s and messure all parts, which is very important as they have to put the right parts of the denim pieces to pattern construction together again.



RE/DONE production is using old Singer sewing machines for creating the exact stitching like the vintage original levi´s denims ones. Sean told me, that it is hard to find the original Singer sewing machines, that once did the stitching for the levi´s production, there are just a few existing around the globe, – so he is very proud to have one -. And as you can see it´s not a huge production here in LA downtown, it´s a bunch of people, who are involved in the production of those amazing denims. So as you can see on the pics, stage 1: deconstruct and messure. stage 2: put togheter again by pattern design for each style of RE/DONE denim and stitch with original stitching of levi´s denim in honor of heritage. stage 3: after washing the pants, the will be hand steamed and ironed.



Here, Sean showes me the original buttons that his RE/DONE denims have. It´s levi´s again. All originals and of cause the original levi´s button-to-fix machine – a pure rarity again. He is very proud of having found and restored these machines to be able to use it for his production. He told me, that all these vintage machines have been sold after not beeing used anymore – spread over the world, so it was a hustle to find it first and second, to restore, so that they can work properly again.



Last pic, there it is, where all the photographing is done. And now: E A C H single denim piece, whether skirt, short, pant or jacket will be shooted! every single product which leaves production, because as you know – or not mostly perhaps, but you will soon – every piece of RE/DONE Originals is unique – just one time existing!!! isn´t that awesome. I was stunned, such an effort, such a touching story behind this product, it´s really rare this days to find something so authentic, so vintage inspired and full of heritage, old but reinvented by great thinkers and inspiring people.
I am thrilled. I wish I could just volunteer at Sean´s business and see some more insights.


My story is huge about RE/DONE and I decided to put it into 3 parts.

Part 1: is this post, mainly pictures to SEE what we are talking about
Part 2: is a glimpse of RE/DONE storage and warehouse plus RE/DONE history
Part 3: will be my interview with Sean and I think I will post a part of the interview online, so that you can hear this amazing guy talking about his brand and his history and his future projects.

Well, if you are dedicated to fashion business like I am into business for over 20 years by now – you feel very appreciated if you have the chance to get such a story. It is a heart thrilling story – one that touches.

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